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Verify It's Not a Toll Call !!!

How to find out if your local number will incur any charges.

About 99% of the time you can use the numbers on our local access number list and not incur any charges.

Because we do not have any way to know for sure if your local dialup number is 100% toll free we ask you to call your local Telephone Company and verify there will be no charges.


 Here is what you should ask them.



Hi I am calling to see if the number my Internet Provider gave me is toll free for my calling area.

I am calling from xxx-xxx-xxxx (number your modem will be calling from).
I was told to see if xxx-xxx-5004 (number from our local access page for your town) is a local toll free call.

Telephone Company.

Yes or No.

That's it! Most of the time there are no issues. But there have been a few where customers get a long distance bill and it can be very high if you are on-line for a long time. We cannot be held responsible if you dial the wrong number.

Some of the reasons the number might not be toll free are:

  • The town you are calling from has multiple calling areas due to its size or location.
  • Some towns are served from more than one location.
  • One side of the town the number in our list might be fine, but on the other side of town there might be toll charges.

Again most of the time there are no issues but better safe than fighting a large telephone bill. If you need any assistance in picking the number please feel free to call our 800-886-2090 number and ask for help in picking the local number for your town.