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ISP Services Details - ISDN: Dedicated

ISDN: Dedicated 24x7 Dial Up Account - Details

  • Monthly: $120.00
  • Quarterly: $342.00 ($114.00 per month)
  • Semi-Annually: $649.80 ($108.30 per month)
  • Annually: $1234.68 ($102.89 per month)


**Dedicated Dial up 24 hours a day
This account is for the business user that needs 24x7 connectivity with
 ISDN. It comes with a dedicated IP address and Internet routing. More IP address are available if necessary. Multi link PPP access is also available upon request for an additional charge. Click here for our complete Terms and Conditions.

Features Included:

  • No set up fees
  • No Additional Software to Install
  • Works with PC, MAC, and Linux
  • 1 Dialup Account with Email
  • 4 FREE Additional Email Accounts
  • FREE Email Virus Scanning
  • FREE Personal Web Page
  • FREE 10 Megabytes Storage per Email Box
  • FREE 10 Megabytes Storage for Personal Web Site

ISDN Option (Integrated Services Digital Network)
This system allows data to be transmitted simultaneously across the world using end-to-end digital connectivity. ISDN is a system of digital phone connections and there are are two basic types of ISDN service:

Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI). BRI consists of two 64 kbps B channels and one 16 kbps D channel for a total of 144 kbps. This basic service is intended to meet the needs of most individual users.

To access BRI service, it is necessary to subscribe to an ISDN phone line. Customer must be within 18000 feet (about 3.4 miles or 5.5 km) of the telephone company central office for BRI service.

There are three basic cost components to an ISDN line: setup fee (including an ISDN modem), monthly fee, and line fee. All vary widely from area to area, meaning that the real cost of ISDN depends mainly where you are.

In general, setup fees are minimal, and of course non-recurring. Monthly fees tend to be competitive with plain old telephone service and, considering that each ISDN BRI line is actually two lines, are usually quite reasonable. The line fees - a per-minute charge for actual line usage (where applicable) - is typically the fee to consider most when looking into ISDN.

Please call us at 1-800-886-2090 for pricing information.