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  • Services Provided We. provides access to the Internet along with other related services to its subscribers. The Company does not and will not monitor information in content, quality or accuracy which may be available on the Company's systems or on the Internet in general.
    • The Company does not restrict personal e-mail or newsgroup posting. However, spamming (the act of sending unsolicited e-mail/newsgroup) and bulk e-mail/newsgroup (sending/receiving a high volume of messages) are strictly prohibited. If a person is suspected of spamming or bulk e-mail/newsgroup, their account will be immediately deactivated. If it is confirmed that a party has violated the The Company spamming policy we reserve the right to permanently terminate the account with no refund and issue a $50.00 fine per complaint received.
    • The Company is not responsible for any material that is posted to a web page or that is available on the Internet. Certain Internet services may contain language or pictures which some individuals may find offensive, inflammatory, or of an Adult nature. The Company does not endorse such materials and disclaims any and all liability for their contents.