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  • Warranty/Liability Use of Our systems and services and the Internet in general is at the Subscriber's own risk. No warranty or provision exists specifying that Our systems or services or the Internet in general will be error free, uninterrupted or that information obtained through the use of our systems or services or the Internet in general will be without error. Our systems and services are provided without warranty of any kind on an "As Is" and "As Available" basis. Any implied warranty of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose are disclaimed except in cases where they by law may not be disclaimed. The subscriber is solely responsible for verifying that the phone number they are calling the internet through ASPI.NET and Destek Connect is a local access number to which their computer is dialing. Any telephone charges associated with a Subscriber's access through our Company are solely the Subscriber's responsibility. ASPI.NET and Destek Connect does not reimburse or pay any telephone charges for any reason. The Company in no case shall be liable for any damages (incidental, indirect, special or consequential) including, and without limitation, the loss or profits. Maximum liability to any subscriber by the company for any loss, claim, damage or any other liability will be limited to an amount equal to the fees the subscriber has paid to the Company for a period of six months before the claim.