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Dial-Up Windows 2000 Configuration

1. Double click My Computer on your desktop.

2. Double click the Control Panel folder.

3. Double click the Network and Dial-Up Connections folder.

4. Double click the Make New Connection icon.

5. The Welcome to the Network Connection Wizard window will come up. Click The Next Button.

6. Select the Dial-up to the Internet then Click on next.

7. Select I want to set up my Internet connection manually.... Then Click on next.

8. Leave the Area code field blank and type in your local access number in the Telephone number field. Please be sure to verify it's not a toll call. Check off the Use Area Code check box. Then click Next.

9.Type in your user name and your password. The username should not contain the @domain.com. Just the user name. Click on Next.

10. Type in Destek Connect. Then Click on Next.

11. If you would like to set up your email now follow the directions below.
Select Yes. Then click Next.

12. Select Create a new Internet mail account. Then click Next.

13. Type in your email address. Then click Next.

14. Select POP3. Type in the mail servers name in both boxes. 
Then click Next.

15. Type in your username and password for email.
Then click Next.

16. Click on Finish.

17. Double Click on the Destek Connect ICON.

18. Fill in your username and password. Click on Dial.

19. You should now connect to the Internet via Destek Connect.