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E-Mail Configuration Netscape 4

Netscape Messenger (part of Netscape Communicator 4)

(Note: These instructions were written for Netscape Communicator version 4. If your version is different, you may have to interpret these instructions for your version. Although the methodology used to do this may vary, the information you need to input remains the same no matter what mail program you may be using.

You can check which version you have by starting the program and going to the Help | About… menu)

Configuring Netscape Messenger 

  1. Start Netscape Communicator.
  2. Click on the Communicator menu, then click on Messenger Mailbox.
  3. Once the program loads, click on Edit, then click on Preferences.
  4. In the frame on the left, click on the ‘+’ next to Mail & Groups to expand that tree.
  5. Underneath that, select Mail Server.
  6. In the Mail Server Username field, type in your username (the part of your email address before the @ sign).
  7. In the Outgoing Mail Server field, type in mail.aspi.net.
  8. In the Incoming mail server field, type in mail.aspi.net.
  9. Click OK.

For ASPI Subscribers with Multiple E-Mailboxes

As of version 4, Netscape Messenger supports only one mail account.