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Delete Large E-Mail Messages

ASP Internet Web Mail Utility.

Retrieve Mail From Any Computer's Web Browser.

  1. View, Delete and Reply to your E-mail from any computer connected to the internet from a web browser.
  2. Delete E-Mail that is preventing or not allowing your E-mail program from downloading.
  3. Remove large messages that are preventing your E-Mail from downloading.

Every now and then your E-mail application will retrieve your mail from the mail server and your mail seems to get stuck downloading a certain message, for example; message 6 of 20. This is usually caused by this message having a large or corrupted E-mail attachment. With this utility you will be able to open your mail box, view all your message headers and delete the necessary message your program is getting stuck on.

Follow the procedure below to read, delete or reply to your messages.

  1. Go to http://mail.aspi.net/
  2. Type in your users name. example joeuser
  3. Type in your password.
  4. Click on Login.

The next step will retrieve a list of your messages. You will be able to look at the file size and see which message is large and blocking your download of your mail. View a screen shot here.

  1. Find the message that is blocking your download.
  2. You can select the message by using the check box
  3. You have the choice of Moving the message to a folder.
  4. Pick the Trash folder to remove the message
  5. After it has been moved click on the "Empty Trash" Icon to delete the trash.

If you still are having trouble give us a call at our 800 number and someone will try to help you out.